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Blaire Wallace, Head of Grading

Evolutions, Bristol – offers full post production packages including workflow consultancy, offline, colour grade and online, sound design.  Working across many genres including natural history, factual documentaries, entertainment

Evolutions Bristol would like to nominate Blair Wallace as their Rising Star. Whilst Blair has worked as a Colourist for many years in London, he is a true Rising Star within the Natural History film making community. And what an entrance he has made. Since he moved to Bristol four years ago, he has graded a wealth of natural history films for many Producers. Within this time has twice been the proud winner of the RTS West Grading Award. Blair has graded some of the nominated films you will see this year, and we are very proud of his ever growing reputation and popularity with our natural history colleagues. East Porter, Head of Business Development

I’m a keen rambler, campervanner, DIYer and beer enthusiast. I very much enjoy developing grading styles alongside the film makers I work with taking a collaborative approach.

One thing I love about my job is the great people I get to work with, both clients and colleagues. Evolutions Bristol has a great team and we are all passionate about the work we do. Over the past 4 years we have developed a real bond as a team, and are all ambitious to deliver cutting edge programmes and try out new things. When you are surrounded by a team of like minded professionals I feel it really does show in the output of our work.

We ask our Rising Star a few key questions.

What was your first break in the business?

I was working as a runner in a soho post house, when a role to assist a colourist in the telecine department came up. I grabbed the opportunity and the rest is history as they say.

What was your best of career move?

Moving from my previous position in London to Evolutions Bristol has to be up there. Not just for the opportunities it has given me to grade natural history programmes, but also the lifestyle change it gave me. My wife Hannah and I have set up home in Bristol, bought a house, and are sticking down roots. I love it here.

What kinds of natural history films would you like to see commissioned/ see more of? And why?

I had such a great experience working with James Reed on ‘Jago: A Life Underwater’ (winner – best in festival Jackson Hole 2015), that I would love to see more natural history films with a human story element and the scope to use colour grading as a means to enhance the story.

What part of the job or business do you relish the least?

If I’m to grumble about an aspect of my job, it’s the closing out of natural light every day. It’s bad for my Vitamin D. With the world as it is though things could be worse!

Do you have a film nominated at Jackson? If so, was there a personal highlight of working on it?

I’m very privileged to have graded 2 films that are nominated this year. Keo Films’ ‘Rise Of The Warrior Chimps’ and Brian Leith Productions’ ‘Ghost Of The Mountains’. Both films are very different and had different briefs. Rise of the Warrior Chimps was a dramatised grade, allowing me to use colour to really set the moods and feels in the film. Ghost of the Mountains had a different ambition to be natural and truthful to the experiences of the crew on the ground. The footage was stunning to start with and it was a joy to grade.

What are you working on now?

I’ve just finished grading another film for Brian Leith Productions – ‘Expedition China’ a 75min making of for Netflix. We have more BBC Natural History Unit series coming into the grading suite shortly, ‘Earth From Space’ which is exciting due to the unique nature of the material we are getting in (satellite images up to 30k resolution), ‘Rituals’ which is an astonishing human story, and from viewing some of the early rushes I know will be incredible, and those are just a couple that I can remember …

Nominations & Screenings:

Rise Of The Warrior Chimps
A finalists in Best People & Nature Film
Showing: Tuesday September 26, 2017 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Explorers Room Jackson Lake Lodge

Ghost of the Mountains
A finalist in Best Animal Behavior and Best Science & Nature and Best Science in Nature Film
Showing: Sunday September 24, 2017 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Explorers Room Jackson Lake Lodge




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